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Newcastle vs. Cardiff in Doubt Due to Inclement Weather

A Snow Storm might have players making snow angels instead of scoring goals this weekend

Newcastle United v Charlton Athletic
Where is the Grass?
Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

With snow already falling in the Northeast, and more slated to come this weekend there are some doubts as to whether Newcastle’s match against Cardiff will still happen.

The wintry mix of snow, ice and rain was supposed to hit parts of the UK this weekend, but its early arrival has some individuals worried that there will be too much snow accumulated for some of this weekend’s matches.

As it stands there is not enough snowfall to warrant any match cancellations, but the fear is that more and more precipitation will fall this weekend making St. James an almost unplayable surface.

The UK Met’s Radar does point out that there is a large wintry mix of precipitation making its way to the majority of the UK from the west. If this weather pattern continues, there could be possible match cancellations all over the Premier League.

Newcastle's home match against Cardiff is the northernmost match being played this weekend, and is the most likely to be cancelled if more precipitation arrives. It also doesn’t help that Newcastle’s pitch does not have the technology of many modern playing surfaces in the world that would allow the snow to be melted upon contact or shortly thereafter.

The good news for Newcastle fans is that the club have ample time to prepare for any winter precipitation, and it is not likely the Cardiff match could be cancelled.

Besides... everyone loves a good snowy football match.