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Lukaku Fails Medical, Loan Move Called Off

A failed medical

SS Lazio Training Session And Press Conference
Looks like Jordan will be heading back to train
Photo by Marco Rosi/Getty Images

Multiple journalists covering Newcastle United have now reported that the loan move for Jordan Lukaku has been called off.

The Belgian Left Wing-Back was in Newcastle yesterday as all terms for the player move were already agreed upon, and Lukaku needed to undergo a medical with the club. This led many fans and journalists alike to assume that today Lukaku would be announced by the club and we could possibly see him debut next week.

It has been made clear that Lukaku failed his medical with Newcastle, and the club chose to call off the loan move.

Lukaku got a late start to his Lazio season as he picked up a knee inflammation injury in the summer that caused him to miss the World Cup with Belgium. The injury involved inflammation of certain ligaments in the knee, and it was once thought that the Belgian might need surgery to address the issue due to his large, compact build. It is entirely possible his knee inflammation issue was the root of his failed medical, as nagging knee injuries are not ideal for athletes of any type.

While many fans were quick to show sympathy for the club as it seemed like they genuinely rushed to get a deal done, some people did point out the fact that waiting until the last minute to do business contributed to this situation and the ensuing panic of not having any signings with only a few days left in the window.

It is apparent Rafa knew about this failed medical when doing his pre-match press conference, as he refused to discuss transfers during the press conference and batted down any questions regarding Lukaku.

One positive note regarding the situation is that it appears as if many fans have retained their sense of humor despite the dire circumstances.