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Newcastle United extend Dubravka, but not Sean Longstaff

Newcastle United is looking to secure their future with some stars, with Dubravka finished, they need to look to the Longstaff brothers.

Chelsea FC v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Leila Coker/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Newcastle United yesterday managed to make a long-awaited extension finally a reality when Martin Dubravka signed a six-year contract extension with the Magpies, securing his future, and the club’s goaltending. It’s also surprising that with the uncertainty surrounding the club, Martin Dubravka, who is seen as one of the better goalkeepers in the Premier League would tie down his future to what is seen as a sinking ship.

But Dubravka is just one of a few players who were in desperate need of renegotiated terms, and an extended contract. Next on that list? The Longstaff brothers.

While the club is expected to get Matty Longstaff to sign a contract with better terms, and more years tacked on, Sean Longstaff has not yet signed a single sheet of paper for the Magpies, leading some to question whether or not the player has his eyes on a Manchester United move, or even better. (I just realized that was a lot of commas, and I’m sorry.)

Extending the Longstaff brothers solidifies the club’s future ten times more than the Dubravka extension. The young players are crucial to the club’s continuing development, and — while I hate to say it — they have incredible future value for sale later, not now.

The club should also be looking into extensions for Jonjo Shelvey or Matt Ritchie. Both players have found themselves on the bench recently, but I believe that holding onto veteran players will be to the benefit of players like Sean and Matty, as well as Miguel Almiron.