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Newcastle United draw with Wolves, and I’m not mad

Newcastle United fans are fuming at the club’s recent performances. But I’m gonna take the point and run with it.

Newcastle United v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League - St. James’ Park Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

A point in the Premier League is just that. A point. In fact, a point in any league means the exact same thing, whether you’re in National League North, or Ligue 2 in France. It can be the difference between promotion or relegation. It can be that extra boost in a title challenge. In the case of Newcastle United, it means we didn’t lose.

And that’s something that I’m going to take home with me. Any day of the week I don’t go to sleep knowing that Newcastle United lost is a good day for me. And while that’s a sad state of affairs to be in, it doesn’t negate the fact that Newcastle United walked away with a draw, and Jamaal Lascelles with a goal.

It doesn’t mean that the club’s woeful offensive performances have come to end. Gosh no! There is much work to be done, and that starts with firing Steve Bruce. But it does mean that Newcastle United isn’t any closer to the relegation zone than they were last week.

If the club were to get a draw every week, it would mean the club got 38 points. Not every team reaches the 30 point marker. Winning in the Premier League also is not an easy task. It is definitely the most competitive league in the world, and I say that because Leicester currently sit at 3rd and Crystal Palace are doing quite well. It’s not easy. And when you have a coach out of his depth, and a squad running around like chickens with their heads off, getting a draw is the least of our worries.


So here’s to getting draws. And hoping that we can get a draw every week after this. Because I sure as heck don’t see any wins coming any time soon.