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Toon Army America announce meetup 2020 date

So here’s when all the fun’s going to be going down in Baltimore. Ready, set, mark your calendar!

Newcastle United 2014 home kit gallery

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! That’s right! Remember when we had a blast in Denver? Well on April 4, 2020, we’ll be having the same kind of fun in a new kind of way. As in, we’ll be having all the fun in Baltimore, Maryland! Mark your calendars!

Our good friends at Toon Army had voted this past year on where we would hold the next event. And in a closely run contest run by our very own site, we landed on the East Coast city of Baltimore.

The beauty of these events is the camaraderie that it creates. The people it brings together, and the club that we celebrate. Newcastle United is a one of a kind club, and certainly not all clubs could manage to have fans so passionate they’d be willing to create a weekend filled with fun just to celebrate it.

Luckily, our friends in Baltimore are those kinds of fans, and boy do they have something in store for us. The details are a bit hush at the moment because, you know, top secret organizer stuff. But you should hit up their Twitter (@mobtownmagpies) and their Facebook event pages to make sure you don’t miss a single detail. And no, following us on those platforms is not a substitute for following them. So go do it.