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Steve Bruce is prepared for a typical Newcastle United January

As in, we’ll be signing a cheap loan player, or no one at all.

West Ham United v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Newcastle United is in an interesting state right now. Fans arguing whether Steve Bruce has done well enough to warrant remaining with club even into January is being questioned. But as fans of the club, we all know that there is one constant with Newcastle United that hasn’t changed in almost a decade, and that’s a trashy January transfer window.

Last season, Rafa Benitez was given Miguel Almiron in a last ditch effort to keep the gaffer at the club for at least a year. At over £21 million, that broke the club’s transfer record for the first time since the signing of Michael Owen. And while that record was later smashed for the question mark that is Joelinton, last January remains the most eventful January in the history of Mike Ashley’s reign.

But that January was the exception to the rule that Ashley has set. No new rules of transfer engagement were laid when Almiron was bought. And Steve Bruce at least is aware of that rule.

While stating that if there is a player that he wants that he thinks can improve the club, he will be knocking on Mike Ashley’s door, he understands that business in January is tricky, and likely wouldn’t lead to any drastically different results.

And it’s because veteran players in the Premier League are either too expensive if they’re under 25, or they have no resale value after the age of 25. At least, that’s Mike Ashley’s opinion. Not taking into account the money earned if that player can help the club reach its goals in the second half of the season.

Once again, these are more words from Steve Bruce that suggest that he’ll make a case for signing who the club needs, but will immediately back down when told no from old master Ashley.