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CHN Radio Episode 97: Aston Martin Villa FC

Fact: Jonjo is on his bike

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Newcastle United Training Session
Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

What’s good CHN radio fam! We are back at it again with another episode of CHN radio for ya. This is Episode 97 our Aston Villa Preview, and if you are listening to it when this article drops you are likely already watching the match, or are about to watch the match, or you are not planning on watching the match

The important thing about this episode is that we announced the addition of the False 9s to the podcast, which is podcast that talks ALL things Prem. So please please please give it a listen. Our hosts, Adam and Zack are excellent together.

Like ALL of our other previews we actually preview the match. We talk potential lineups, who to look out for, and of course give our predictions.

As always give it a listen, subscribe, and reach out! We are also on Apple podcasts, so be sure to subscribe and give us 5 stars! If you hate Apple because you are not a sheep be sure to subscribe to us on Spotify! You can tweet us at @ComingHomeNUFC or our podcast Twitter @chn_radio, use the hashtag #CHNRadio, and also feel free to email us your questions at

We look forward to talking with you. Howay the Lads!

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