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Newcastle United made the right decision on Peter Beardsley

It’s best for the club to part ways with the legend after the allegations.

Sir Bobby Robson Memorial Service Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Many players have graced the field for Newcastle United. Few have done it as gracefully at Peter Beardsley. A club legend and fan favorite it was hard to stomach the allegations of racism and bullying that came from multiple youth squad members.

Newcastle United has made the decision to part ways with the legend after closing their investigation according to the Daily Mail.

The issue here is that it took more than a year for the club to close its investigation into the allegations. Many of squad members that levied the allegations are now gone, and it would have appeared that the club was hoping that the whole thing would just die down.

Rafa Benitez was even barred from talking about the case leaving the media, as well as fans, in the dark about the whole ordeal.

The allegations initially arose from former youth player Yasin Ben El-Mhanni who said that Beardsley had made racially insensitive comments as well as being unfair to the player.

Football isn’t an easy game. The last thing the young kids need being put on them is a bully and racist comments that make them feel bad about themselves. As much as I respect Peter Beardsley as a club legend, his current behavior has no place in a modern football facility, and Newcastle has made the right decision.

It’s just a shame it took this long.