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Newcastle United has an obligation to purchase Rondon

He’s made himself indispensable. And his recent international performance is an extension of that.

Argentina v Venezuela - International Friendly Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Salomon Rondon is indispensable for Newcastle United. In a trio quickly dubbed the Three Amigos, Rondon has been the goalscorer upfront for Newcastle in what has been a cutthroat offense as of late. The pace offered by Miguel Almiron, and Ayoze Perez have opened Rondon up to some fantastic goalscoring chances. Chances he’s been capitalizing on, I might add.

If West Bromwich Albion fail to gain promotion, Newcastle could get Rondon for £16.5m or even lower that price with a swap involving Dwight Gayle. If West Brom manage to gain promotion, however, that price could quickly rise to over £20m, a price that Newcastle execs would surely balk at for a player at Rondon’s age.

It should be noted that Ashley is back in the craze of signing youth for cheap to sell for a large profit. That’s the mindset that the owner is currently in, and if Rafa is to sign a new extension, he may be willing to spend more money than usual on these youngsters.

But is he willing to spend that kind of money on a player reaching his thirties? Unlikely. But if the club fail to sign Salomon Rondon in the summer, then they’re doing the player and themselves a disservice. Rondon had failed to find form with West Brom, but has managed to strike gold with Newcastle’s creating midfield made up of Jonjo Shelvey, Miguel Almiron, Ayoze Perez, Sean Longstaff, Isaac Hayden, and Matt Ritchie.

The legend only stands to grow. But Newcastle need to sign the most reliable striker they’ve had in years. We couldn’t get it with Aleksandar Mitrovic, and Perez is only quality with Almiron and Rondon to give him room to be a threat.

For this kind of quality, teams are now willing to spend £30-40m on unproven talent. £16.5m is a steal in today’s market.

And Newcastle need to go for it.