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Toon Army America Meet-up 2020 determined!

After what can only be considered a successful event, we’ve determined next year’s location.

This past year’s event in Denver!

When we met up in Denver this past February for a Newcastle United fan meet up, we could only describe the festivities as a success. Any chance Newcastle fans in the States can watch a game with other passionately loyal and die-hard fans is a treat.

Well, we decided that the tradition must continue. In a CHN administered vote, three cities thought they would be up to the task of hosting next year’s Toon Army America Meet-up. Of those cities, we had each one tell voters (the whole of Newcastle fans in America) what they planned to do to bring us, the Toon Army, and even Warren Barton to their city next year.

The ones who had put themselves forward were Atlanta, Baltimore, and San Diego. Each city distinct in their locations, and offers a different way to celebrate Newcastle United.

With 188 fans responding, the winner of the vote turned out to be...

Baltimore! Receiving an overwhelming 44.7% of the vote to San Diego’s and Atlanta’s equal 27.7%.

You’ve been made aware! There will be an awesome event in a year, so be sure to watch this space as more details come out about the date, the match, and what kind of activities the fans out in Baltimore will have planned for us all!

Be sure to follow them on Twitter @MobtownMagpies to hear more information when it releases. And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too! Also, join the Toon Army group on Facebook! What we’re trying to say is...


We look forward to the event that Baltimore will throw, and we hope that you mark your calendars for around late winter, early spring as a trip to Baltimore.

Howay the Lads!