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Wor Flags and NUFC Food Bank Partner Up in Mini Surfer Sale

The most beautiful surfer in all of football can now fit in your living room

this baby is going to look nice in your man (or woman) cave
Newcastle United

Popular supporters group Wor Flags have just confirmed that a miniature version of their massive surfer is now available on their site for purchase.

The miniature version of the flag is only £6, which is a discounted price from the normal rate of £10 that many of their other mini flags are priced at.

Additionally, Wor Flags have partnered up with the NUFC Fan’s Food Bank in an effort that will see all profits from the sold mini flags go towards the NUFC Fan’s Food bank. The NUFC Fan’s Food Bank’s main efforts revolve around supplying families in need in the west end of Newcastle with basic necessities and provisions.

Fundraising efforts like this are crucial for the food bank especially as fundraising in the offseason tends to be a little but more difficult due to the lack of matches and general interest in the team.

The original surfer is the largest Wor Flags has done yet, spanning 78m (256 ft)-wide and 54m (177ft)-tall. The surfer costs over £15,000, which was all donated by fans and features names of all of the fans who donated as well as iconic northeastern landmarks.

The mini flags feature the exact same design and are 75 cm (29.5 in) × 100 cm (39.3 in).

The flags are available for purchase here, on the Wor Flags website. You of course can purchase mini flags of some of their other displays as well as stickers, mugs scarves and shirts.

Additionally, our podcast CHN Radio got the opportunity to sit down with the folks at Wor Flags to learn more about the process they undergo to turn brilliant ideas into large scale displays. If you're interested in that, check out that interview here.

After you’re done listening to that wonderful Wor Flags interview, be sure to buy your mini flag as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own a little bit of NUFC history and help some individuals in Newcastle