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CHN End of the Season Awards: Biggest Disappointment

Fact: Kenedy has as one more goal in the Premier League this season than Martin Dubravka

Fulham FC v Newcastle United - Premier League
Spoiler Alert: The person is in this photo
Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

It is the end of the Premier League season, which means its awards szn here at Coming Home Newcastle. If you are unfamiliar with what is currently going on here at Coming Home Newcastle, here is the breakdown: Throughout the next few days, our staff will be sharing our picks for various season long awards including our best players, most disappointing players, best signings, and many others. Feel free to disagree with us, in fact call us out on our BS if you hate our takes and tell us why we are wrong in the comments section.

Our Previous installment focused on the best players of the season, today’s installment focuses on the most disappointing player this season. Spoiler alert: it’s Kenedy.

Bryan Nelson - DeAndre Yedlin

Was hoping for more improvement from the right-back, but instead I feel like he took a major leap backwards. He still struggles to defend when getting back to the line. I can’t deny his crossing ability, but he’s left so much more to be desired at right-back that Manquillo actually seemed like an option. MANQUILLO.

Graeme Bell - Kenedy

Been nonexistent and a huge disappointment. Nowhere near the form of last season, looks as though he doesn’t care and his performances have shown that. He has all the potential to be a fantastic player, unfortunately, he doesn’t seem bothered to put in the hard work that it takes to get there.

Kyle (1LostMuffin) - DeAndre Yedlin

Yedlin kinda fell off towards the end of the season. He’s tied for seventh in Tackles per game with 1.9 (Longstaff also has a 1.9 average but only played ~700 minutes compared to Yedlin’s ~2500). He also tied for 13th in interceptions per game with only 1. He’s second in Fouls per game with 1.4, only behind Ritchie (1.5) and ahead of Hayden (1.3). And he finished eighth in both clearances per game and blocks per game.

Greg Troxell - Yoshinori Muto

A 12M signing who I thought would take over Perez by mid season. What i actually got was essentially nothing. There isn’t even a realistic sample size to judge from which is more concerning. Muto was a prominent player in Bundesliga. Not sure what happened. I had high expectations but what I got was a very expensive Kenedy.

Newcastle United v Crystal Palace - Premier League
An attractive dude with some ugly play this year
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Ben Weiss - Kenedy

For me, Kenedy is the obvious choice. I had high hopes for Kenedy after displaying strong performances towards the tail end of the 17/18 season. But instead, we only saw Kenedy featured 25 times while only contributing 1 goal and 1 assist. His loan spell will be up later this month and I will be very surprised to see him back with the Toon.

Cameron Johnson - Kenedy

This one wasn’t close. Kenedy was set to be a key contributor this season, but he only managed a goal and an assist all year. Our center backs were better on the attack. Kenedy took 31 shots and scored one goal. Many of our writers had him as their predicted player of the season, but he grossly underachieved.

Elijah Newsome - Jonjo Shelvey

At the end of last season Newcastle supporters were clamoring for Jonjo to be included in the World Cup squad. At the end of last season it was clear that Jonjo Shelvey was Newcastle’s best player. At the end of last season we expected Jonjo to go on a tear this season with better talent around him and another year under Rafa. What we got is a guy who made 16 appearances and only had one goal and one assist all season. This was an awful season for Shelvey, and an extremely disappointing one in my opinion, especially because I picked him to be my player of the year in the beginning of the season.

Yes injuries sidelined Shelvey for a good amount of the campaign, but even when healthy Shelvey was less than impressive. Shelvey had 3 or 4 games this season where he looked like one of Newcastle’s best players, and the rest of the season he was “meh”. When healthy Newcastle’s best player failed to hold down a consistent starting spot in a midfield where he had to beat out a player who has no future with the club and the former captain of a Championship side. If we get this season’s version of Shelvey next season, I have no doubt he will be sold by January.

Well did you agree with our choices? What did we nail? What did we get wrong? Let us know in the comments below! Also vote on our poll for who you think deserves the award for being Newcastle’s best player!


Who was Newcastle’s most disappointing player of the 2018-2019 campaign?

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