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Bin Zayed Group Release New Statement Over Takeover Talks

Some more information coming from the Takeover

Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United - Premier League
Is Mike Ashley finally going to sell?
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Some interesting new updates have been uncovered today regarding the Bin Zayed Group who have supposedly issued their £350 million bid to buy Newcastle United.

According to Lee Ryder of the Chronicle, an official bid is yet to be sent from the group but the £350 million has been agreed upon, on paper, with signed documents forwarded to the Premier League. Now that may be great news to Newcastle fans, but remain cautious as the Premier League has yet to confirm receiving such documents.

Newcastle fans have been adamant that the time is now for the potential buyer’s group to speak up. Bin Zayed’s Group had this to say perhaps in response to the Toon faithful; “We feel the need to clarify this point in order for the fans and the general public to understand the timelines.”

Midhat Kawai, the Group’s Managing Director, continued on saying, “Terms have been agreed between us and Mike Ashley; these terms have been reflected in a document, signed by both parties, which has been forwarded to the Premier League.”

Recall that this same group had supposedly tried to purchase Liverpool for £2 billion. Tom Werner, Chairman of Liverpool, would meet with their CEO in order to progress the potential deal, but negotiations halted as the proof of funds were not provided. Fast forward to today, Midhat Kawai has insisted that “The proof of funds statement was forwarded to Mike Ashley’s lawyers on 17 April 2019.”

Now it is very important to understand that neither Newcastle United or the Premier League have acknowledged these statements as true or false. In fact, neither have provided a statement even regarding the Group’s interest. But journalists all over seem to believe something is in the works and that is something to remain optimistic about, cautiously of course.

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