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Miguel Almiron can be Paraguay’s key player in Copa America

“A football genius, and Lionel Messi”. Words to live by.

Argentina v Paraguay: Group B - Copa America Brazil 2019
A football genius and Lionel Messi.
Photo by Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

Despite being left in tears after his country drew with Qatar in their opening Copa America match with Qatar, Almiron had a performance that he shouldn’t be anything less than proud of. And he can be the reason that the country bounces back in the tournament.

After landing an assist in Paraguay’s fantastic 1-1 draw with Argentina, Miguel Almiron held his own against the very best of the best, which has solicited praise from fans and critics alike. Even myself, who was questioning the potential of Miguel Almiron before his arrival to Newcastle United, was mesmerized by his performance.

And it’s because of these reasons that Paraguay could make a push in the tournament. While the Women’s World Cup roars on in spectacular fashion, Newcastle United has two players of interest in the Copa America: Miguel Almiron, and Salomon Rondon.

The next struggle for Paraguay is going to be Colombia, who have already secured themselves a place in the next round. Will Colombia play for the win or the draw? That’s a good question. But the real question is what kind of impact Miguel Almiron is going to have when their Copa America future is on the line.

The way that Almiron has performed in matches against Qatar and Argentina have been phenomenal, and there’s no reason to suggest he’s going to slow down when their future in the tournament is on the line.