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Newcastle United: Achraf Lazaar once again determined to prove himself

After three years with the club, Lazaar is still determined to make it into the first-team squad.

Juventus v Benevento Calcio - Serie A
Yes, Lazaar is not a figment of your imagination.
Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

You’d be forgiven if you forgot about Achraf Lazaar. His unspectacular time with Newcastle United has resulted in him practicing with the youth squad as well as a less than stellar loan spell at Benevento in Italy. Yet, despite all of this, Lazaar remains determined once again to prove his worth during Newcastle United’s preseason.

Lazaar has two years left on his deal, and in three years has only made nine appearances for the magpies, never truly making it on Rafa’s list of preferred players.

Last season he also wanted to attempt to make a comeback into relevance with the club, however, that never happened, which is why he ended up on loan with two clubs. He said that he was putting in the work and was ready to prove himself to Rafa Benitez that he deserves to be with the first team.

That never happened, and to be honest, it’s not going to happen. If Rafa Benitez is not with the club come next season, Lazaar would have a slightly higher chance of returning, but even then, it’s not guaranteed. If Rafa Bentiez does remain with the club, you can count on Lazaar having no place with the club, and he will continue to remain in Limbo until he is either sold or his deal runs out.

It’s a shame, because I personally thought that Lazaar had something to offer the club. But it’s become apparent now that he will never play another first team match for the magpies again.