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Newcastle United manager search: Steven Gerrard a top choice?

Steven Gerrard has been sought after, and may be one of the top choices to take over Newcastle.

Rangers v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Steven Gerrard has done a fantastic job with Rangers, and has even gone so far as to say he wants a Champions League plan for the club. That’s pretty ambitious for the new manager. What’s even more ambitious than that?

Taking over Newcastle United. And he’s reportedly one of the top choices for the job, along with U-23s coach Neil Redfearn. Patrick Vieira has pulled his name from the running. And honestly, it probably won’t be long until Gerrard pulls out of the race as well.

Gerrard has it pretty good with Rangers right now. He has an ownership that will back him with some good buys, as well as a team that is able to contend and even get into European football. It’s the perfect place for an up-and-coming manager to be. Newcastle United on the other hand, is well, Newcastle United.

Gerrard right now is learning to work with what he is given, and so far he’s done a fantastic job of that. However, he’s also been able to make tough decisions and work with ownership on a transfer plan that actually benefits the club. His world would turn upside down under a Mike Ashley owned Newcastle United.

That also isn’t even mentioning that the takeover is still up in the air, and the owners have their top choices for managers, and Gerrard isn’t on that list. Would he throw away the Rangers, only to find himself out of a job later on because the new owners brought back Rafa, signed Mourinho, or even went in a different direction? The job security isn’t there, and it’s out in the open.

When it comes to how the club could perform, I think Gerrard is a fantastic option for a club that likes to work with young players with sell on value. A legendary player in charge could drastically change the dynamic for the players. But that doesn’t translate to a successful Premier League season. The club could still find itself relegated, and Gerrard will be the one to blame.

The ticking time bomb that is Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United would put Gerrard under an unneeded microscope of scrutiny. He doesn’t need that yes-man tag next to his name, and he certainly doesn’t need the drama Newcastle brings with it when trying to hone his craft as a manager.

If you ask me, Gerrard stays with the Rangers. However, I’ve been wrong on multiple occasions. PROVE ME WRONG FOOTBALL GODS.