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Newcastle United: Steve Bruce is not in a must win situation

The new manager has yet to win a match, but it is too early in the season for Steve Bruce to be in the hot seat.

Newcastle United Training Session Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Growing pains are a thing. And while I wouldn’t necessarily say that Newcastle United is growing with Steve Bruce at the helm, the club is still learning to deal with the manager’s style, tactics, and practices. The new manager has had minimal time to actually deal with newer players, and has not yet managed to create a unified effort by all players.

So when I see rumors circulating the internet that Steve Bruce is in the hot seat, I need to revert you back to what I wrote previously about Steve Bruce.

“You really think they will lose to both Norwich and Watford?” a comment said on the article.

Yes, man, I really do. They’ve already lost to Norwich, and they’ll probably end up losing to Watford as well. If I were a betting man, I’d say that Newcastle will lose their third straight to Tottenham this weekend.

But contrary to the rumors circulating the internet right now, Steve Bruce isn’t in the hot seat. At least, not yet. While fans are already prepared to fight for the manager’s removal from the club, officials at the club will not yet place overhead pressure on the manager until six to seven matches in. Come the January transfer window, Steve Bruce will need to have the club out of the relegation zone, or face being removed from the club.

Steve Bruce’s job right now isn’t to win right away, it’s to create unity with a club that is hurt over the departure of Rafa Benitez, and in a constant state of confusion with Steve Bruce’s leadership. He has a couple of matches to get that right. But come week 6 or 7 without at least a couple of points under his belt, and that will be an obvious issue.

That’s usually how these things go. And we shouldn’t be even eager for Steve Bruce’s failure. It’s unfortunate to see the club failing, and it’s even sadder that I felt the need to predict it over a month ago. I’m constantly rooting for my incorrectness. I want to be wrong about the club’s direction, and you should, too.