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Newcastle United are giving me a feeling I’m not used to

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Is it good? Bad? Someone call the doctor.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Lee Parker - CameraSport via Getty Images

Newcastle United beat Chelsea yesterday. Yeah, Frank Lampard’s fourth placed side who are most certainly more than capable of taking three points straight from the hands of Newcastle United.

Except they didn’t.

This isn’t a review of the match, for that, I recommend you go and read Greg Troxell’s fantastic “Day After” report. No, this is me wondering what the hell is going on at Newcastle United.

It shouldn’t be this way. Either we were supposed to shock the world and take the Premier League by storm or be fighting a tight relegation battle and have Steve Bruce fired before the beginning of January. Those were the options. But apparently Steve Bruce and company here decided that they’d add a third option to that. And that option is?

Mid-table comfort. We’ve beaten Manchester United, Chelsea, drew Manchester City, and beaten Tottenham. That’s what we’ve done this season. That’s an unbelievable feat, and the club should be more than proud. They deserve free drinks for the rest of their lives. More importantly, though, these wins are crucial because they’ve, in fact, netted the club ten points.

Newcastle United v Chelsea FC - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Now without doing too much math because, that’s just not my thing, if you were to take ten points away from Newcastle United we’d be at 19 points and deep inside the relegation zone with Aston Villa three points ahead.

It’s safe to say that these victories are the reason why Newcastle United remain in their mid-table comfort zone.

But this is a feeling that I’m just not used to. The club having no sense of impending doom, yet no sense of overwhelming victory. Is this what mediocrity is like? Neither good nor bad, but just good enough? It would seem that Steve Bruce’s style of football with these players have struck a chord. Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

But I’ve never been happier to just sit back and enjoy the ride! Watching Allan Saint-Maximin delivering beautiful crosses, and a Newcastle United defense that in my opinion should go down as one of the staunchest in our history, the performances this season make me even more excited to see what’s to come. Miguel Almiron is finally coming into his own as a Premier League scorer, and maybe even Joelinton has finally gotten his confidence.

And as fans, we can finally enjoy these things as well without doom and gloom being the talk of the day. We can finally hate Mike Ashley but not dread the upcoming match day.

I like this feeling.