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Locking down Saint-Maximin is the best move Newcastle United could have made

The club have locked down their star to a six-year deal, wiping talk of using Newcastle United as a steppingstone.

Allan Saint-Maximin Signs a New Contract at Newcastle United Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Remember when Newcastle United signed players like Aleksandar Mitrovic, Andros Townsend, and Georginio Wijnaldum? Now do you remember how the club was marketed to them back then under Steve McClaren? It puts a bad taste in my mouth saying it but the club was marketed as a steppingstone.

These players would be able to move on to bigger and better things if they just signed with Newcastle United and got their feet wet in the Premier League. It was a terrible strategy that ended with both Townsend and Wijnaldum actually moving on to bigger and better things. You cannot retain stars when you market your club as the pitstop and not the destination.

That was under McClaren, who did not retain his job as Newcastle United also later went on to bigger and better things with Rafa Benitez. And while Benitez had nothing to do with this signing, it would seem that the club have learned from their mistakes back in 2015 and are prepared to tied down their stars to long-term contracts.

If anyone was deserving of being given a long-term it was Allan Saint-Maximin. His versatility as a player, speed, and creativity have been a boon to the club so far this season. A six-year deal is a sign of intent, that Newcastle United is committed to keeping its stars here for a long time.

That’s an important message to send. Now if only we locked down Miguel Almiron I could go to sleep perfectly fine tonight.