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CHN Radio Podcast Network: October 2020 Pods

All of the site’s Podcasts for the month of October

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Wolverhampton Wanderers v Newcastle United - Premier League
yesssss the white shorts
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CHN Radio Fam!!! Here are all of our October podcasts from the CHN Radio Podcast Network all in one place!

CHN Radio: Newport Recap & Burnley Preview

Greg and Elijah recap the worst cup win in Newcastle’s history and then go on to begrudgingly preview the Burnley match.

CHN Radio Ep 150: Burnley Recap and a new signing!

Greg and Elijah recap Newcastle’s 3-1 win over Burnley, talk about Rodrigo Vilca, and look ahead to the International Break.

The False 9s Episode 53: Everton flies high, Villa’s historic league tie, Mourinho is a happy guy

Zack and Adam talk about the biggest surprises of the season, and of course what the heck is going on in Manchester.

CHN Radio Beyond The Toon: Washington D.C. feat. Don (smcultra)

Elijah and Greg talk with a Day 1 homie of the podcast, Don, about why the heck he is a Newcastle fan in Washington D.C.

CHN Radio Beyond The Toon: Los Angeles feat. Josset Diaz

Elijah talks to L.A. Native about why he supports Newcastle, and why it's much easier to deal with the misery that comes with being a Newcastle fan during the Ashley era when you wake up to 70-degree weather and the smell of the beach.

CHN Radio: Manchester United Recap

Greg and Elijah Recap an unsurprising 4-1 loss to Manchester United where Elijah rants about Jonjo, and the entire free world rants about Steve Bruce.

CHN Radio Ep 151 - Bad week for the Premier League, ASM Signs and more NUFC news

In this news-packed episode, Greg and Elijah talk about the Premier League's bad press, ASM’s new contract, a Dubravka injury update, who was left off the 25 man roster, the Women’s team and so much more!

The False 9s Episode 54: Disgraceful by the Toon, Over Lanzini’s goal we swoon, Villa champions soon?

Elijah joins Zack and Adam to talk about how awful Newcastle is, Aston Villa’s run in the prem, Arsenal’s struggles and Spurs doing Spurs things.

CHN Radio: Wolves Recap

Somehow Newcastle walked away from this match with a point. Greg and Elijah discuss it, give you some spicy takes, and of course talk about the young lad Jacob Murphy!

CHN Radio Ep 152: Mike Ashley in the News!

Mike Ashley is in the news for doing not one, but TWO positive things. So, we had to discuss that! Greg and Elijah also preview Newcastle's match against Everton

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We look forward to talking with you. Howay the Lads!

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