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Coffee and Newcastle United: Your Morning Links

Good morning! Yesterday was a much better day for linking!

Newcastle United Training Session Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Well slap me on a penny and call me Abraham, because we’re linking! Okay, I’m really really sorry. I gave this like five minutes of thought on whether or not I was going to keep it, and then I was like, nah, it stays.

Anyway, yesterday was a much better day for links and articles on Newcastle United, we have some great stories for you, so sit back, sip your coffee, and enjoy!

Salomon Rondon admits he’d jump at the chance to rejoin NUFC - Shields Gazette

Yeah, that’s right. A fan favorite last season and player of the year for Newcastle United, Salomon Rondon has been a sore spot for fans who had hoped the player would be signed to a permanent deal last summer, where Newcastle had first pick on a transfer deal. Unfortunately, that signing never came to fruition. But it was also well known that Rondon never wanted to leave, and he’s willing to return, too.

What NUFC’s summer transfer kit means for contracts - Forbes

I am really hoping that Newcastle United sorts out its contract situations as soon as possible. But with a rumored 80 million pound budget for the summer, there is no reason for Newcastle United to even hesitate on giving both Sean and Matty Longstaff a new deal. Those talks remain ongoing, but the club is also looking at other targets. How much more stalling until the Longstaff brothers decide to take their talents elsewhere? Like two months.

Jon Dahl Tomasson has a new job, managing Malmo FC - Goal

You may or may not remember Jon Dahl Tomasson. He was with Newcastle United for a single season (97/98) and 22 matches where he scored three goals. He opened up about his time at Newcastle United as well as his future as a manager. After having served a couple of spells as an assistant, most recently with the Danish national team, it’s always nice to see former magpies make the leap into managing clubs. “In England I had Kenny Dalglish as manager, and he was a gentleman, no doubt. He kept his word to the players, and always behaved very correctly to anyone. In that way, I probably took some of his behaviour as a manager with me.” It’s quite an interesting interview.

That’s your Newcastle news, here’s what’s happening throughout the league:

Clubs were asked what they would do if a player walked off due to racial abuse - Vice

Brendan Rodgers does not think Liverpool will be given the 2014 title - Daily Mail

In Conclusion:

That’s it for me this morning. Be sure to check in later for more news and opinions on the greatest football team to grace the pitch.

Sunderland is still in League One...