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Both Newcastle United and Premier League remain silent on takeover talk

It could be a sign that a sale is near, but I highly doubt it given the club’s history.

Oxford United v Newcastle United - FA Cup Fourth Round: Replay Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

We’ve already discussed that Newcastle United could potentially be facing a takeover this season or by the beginning of the Summer transfer window. Just how close is that deal to being done? Some say a deal isn’t even happening, while some remain optimistic that a deal is close to being struck, and that the Premier League is conducting potential ownership interviews.

We neither know what is real, or what is not. That leaves us with a ton of gray area. And while I personally find myself locked within the group of skeptics, there is something to be said about the Premier League refusing any sort of speculation over a potential deal. Of course, it just makes for a better story, and may only further lead to the sensationalism that Mike Ashley craves.

Focusing on what we do know

Newcastle United is for sale. At least, that’s what Mike Ashley made public just a couple of years ago when a serious effort by Amanda Staveley (rumored to be involved in this takeover attempt as well) was thwarted when Mike Ashley called the negotiations a “waste of time”.

While we know the club is for sale, and Mike Ashley has yet to take the club off the market, we also know that there are numerous “interested” parties who are looking at taking that interest further and turning it into a bid for ownership. The only problem here is that Newcastle United was “close” to being sold around three times before this specific takeover attempt. First by Staveley, then by BZG, after that followed Peter Kenyon, and no we have the Saudi Arabian’s royal family interested in sportswashing the world with black and white.

We also know that both Newcastle United and the Premier League have yet to release serious statements involving the potential takeover. The Saudis have spoken on the matter by outright denying it.

What we’re waiting for

Official statements. We’re going to continue to be left wanting until one of the three parties begins to speak up on the matter involving the takeover. While the Saudis state that they actually have no interest in purchasing Newcastle from Mike Ashley, the tone was set differently when both club and league had given the equivalent of no comment statements to the media. Could this mean that the Saudis are trying to downplay interest?

I had stated with other fans earlier that if a deal wasn’t announced within the week, a deal wasn’t going to happen. It’s been slightly longer than that time span and I don’t believe that we’re any closer to a deal than we were this time last season.

If no news from now and the end of February is made public with quality sources, we’ll again be chalking this one up as another dud to drum up support for the club and drive season ticket sales. Which is what Mike Ashley does this time of year anyway.