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Newcastle United Takeover: What I’d like to see

Newcastle United is about to be sold to a consortium involving Amanda Staveley, PIF, and the Reuben Brothers.

Sport Coronavirus - Saturday 14th March Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

Newcastle United seems like it is set to be taken over by a consortium of buyers consisting of Amanda Staveley, the Reuben Brothers, and PiF (the investment arm of the Saudi royal family). These are exciting times for Newcastle United fans as the monotonous mid-table finishes and relegation battles may soon be coming to an end.

We can only imagine what these new owners will bring to the club. The Reuben Brothers and PiF certainly bring capital, and that will be crucial into making Newcastle United a formidable force within the Premier League and hopefully European football. Amanda Staveley brings experience in generating deals, and leveraging them for success. This would appear like a dream team. But here’s what I’m looking for from them.

Immediate plans to renovate

Newcastle United has suffered long enough. The training grounds need a complete overhaul, and the facilities for players and staff are long overdue for renovations and upkeep. All Mike Ashley had done previously was keep the place standing, but even that comes across as a stretch if you look at the state of the whole thing.

The story involving the training grounds is a long one. But this Chronicle article really sums up exactly what an issue it is. How can you expect to keep your players happy if they’re training at a dirty and rundown facility? That’s not Premier League level, it’s something you’d expect to see from Sunderland.

This should absolutely be one of — if not the first — things that the new owners do.

An investment in depth

If I am being completely honest with you guys and myself, I’d have to state that I do not hate the current squad that Newcastle United has. Joelinton, while he has no place being the first team striker, has glimpses of quality I’d like to see in a second striker role. There’s a place for Joe here, I believe that.

The midfield is full of quality in Allan Saint-Maximin, Miguel Almiron, Jonjo Shelvey, and Isaac Hayden. The Longstaff brothers are great to have around as well, and add some amazing depth to an already solid midfield, in my opinion. What we really need, though, is an investment in having players that are able to fulfill the duties of these players when they’re injured or out.

Newcastle United may recently have spent big bucks on some players, but there is an argument to be made that those big bucks could have been spent on covering our asses with quality reinforcements. This needs to be a priority. Our striking options are nearly nonexistent and we need to cover our defensive line with more depth.

A quality manager

Some of you will likely say that this goes without saying, but I think it’s important to put down here. Newcastle United need a manager who is going to be able to get out of this squad the talent that is there. Miguel Almiron is now scoring goals, but it isn’t because Steve Bruce has gotten through to him.

Rafa Benitez (sorry to bring it up) had a way of generating a work ethic with his squad. And no, I’m not saying that my wish list involves bringing back Rafa Benitez. What I am saying is that the club need a manager like Rafa Benitez.

I would prefer to see ownership go with a bit younger of a manager. I would like to see if the club could convince Steven Gerrard to ditch Glasgow for Newcastle, even though the likelihood of that happening is slim. The best way to reinvigorate Newcastle United is to put into place a manager that inspires not just the players but the city. Rafa Benitez had that quality, and we need it back.


What do you guys think of this little wish list? What would you guys like to see? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, we’d love to talk!