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Newcastle United is closer than ever to a sale

Don’t you roll your eyes at me, I have a job to do.

UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Liverpool v Chelsea Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Newcastle United is closer than they have ever been to a sale. And I know it sounds like we say this every year. Last year we closer than we were the year before, and the year before that. But this time, all news organizations are reporting the same thing, with very little contradiction. While there are a handful of things that don’t seem to make sense on our end, it would appear as if a deal has been reached, and an announcement to be made soon.

Sure, it would be easy to just run through the information with you guys bit by bit, however, I’m sure you’ve already read the stories. The Daily Mail just reported that the finalization of the deal now rests with the Premier League. The BBC has just ran a fantastic Q&A on exactly who is involved with the deal as it the buyers are a consortium, rather than just a singular purchaser.

And with this information, it would be enough to you excited. I for one, am excited for the prospect of the removal of Mike Ashley. I am also excited to see that Amanda Staveley never just abandoned the deal, but played the market so very well.

While it would have appeared years ago that Mrs. Staveley was out of the race to purchase the Tyneside outfit, everything leading up to this moment seems to have been orchestrated quite nicely. Nearly every rumor that we have heard about over the past three years has culminated into a mega-story.

Peter Kenyon and the Bin Zayed Group licked their wounds and were removed from the spotlight. All the while, Amanda Staveley sat there, plotting her takeover and removal of Mike Ashley. Honestly, after all that hard work, she seriously deserves to purchase the football club.

Amanda Staveley has managed to bring a group of investors together give her a stake in what is going to be the most important investment of her life. And it is her time to shine.

PIF and PCP have been hard at work, having already sent scouts to get a look players like Emmanuel Denis. It would appear that they have also already appointed a new director... so this is getting very interesting.

Finally excited to see what actually comes of all of this. The media frenzy is real, and there are fewer and fewer skeptics within the national and local media about whether or not a deal is done. It appears as if Mike Ashley’s time in charge of Newcastle United is coming to an end. Very soon.