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Kevin Keegan - A fourth coming?

Could Kevin Keegan return to Newcastle United for a fourth time?

NEWCASTLE MANAGER KEVIN KEEGAN Photo by David Ashdown/Getty Images

They say “Never go back”. Yet, that is not the case with Kevin Keegan and Newcastle United.

There is something special about Keegan and Newcastle, like a love story that continues forever. It’s really something quite magical. The thought of Keegan returning to the club will always be in the back of supporters’ minds. Keegan has returned three times, could a fourth return be on the cards if the takeover goes through?

Keegan said he would return to St James’ Park once Mike Ashley left, that day is drawing closer. The new owners would get supporters on their side from the off, were they to get Keegan on board as a club ambassador. Keegan loves Newcastle United, he as much as anyone would want to see this takeover be successful.

Keegan Press conference Newcatle United Photo by Ian Horrocks /Newcastle United via Getty Images

Keegan understands what Newcastle means to the supporters, there is no doubt he would jump at the chance to return to the club in some capacity. Keegan’s managerial career looks to be behind, his last stint as a manager was with Newcastle. The way Keegan was treated by Ashley left a sour taste in his mouth.

There is a sense of unfinished business for Keegan at Newcastle, he wouldn’t have wanted his last spell to end the way it did. It is important that once the takeover is concluded, Newcastle get back to being themselves again. As a result of thirteen long years of hurt under Ashley, the club is a shell of what it used to be.

The return of Keegan along with takeover conformation would see the city’s buzz return. When Newcastle are doing well or there’s good news surrounding the club, there is a buzz in the city, an incredible atmosphere to be a part of.

Newcastle United Training Photo by Ian Horrocks/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Keegan and Newcastle United belong together, for all the amazing work the former manager put in he, deserves a statue. Without Keegan’s stints as player and manager you shudder to think where Newcastle United would be today. New owners bring new ideas and a new vision, a Newcastle United with ambition and Keegan involved is a frightening prospect for other clubs.

There will always be a sense of “What might have been” attached to Keegan’s two spells as manager. What would the club have achieved if he remained in charge during his first spell? Where would the club be now if Ashley just listened to Keegan during his second spell?

Keegan is a hero on Tyneside, up there with the famous names of Sir Bobby Robson, Alan Shearer and Jackie Milburn. A Newcastle United without Keegan involved feels wrong.