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Alan Shearer opened up about his Manchester United talks

The Newcastle United legend was subject to a failed move to Manchester United

Oxford United v Newcastle United - FA Cup Fourth Round: Replay Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Alan Shearer, not only the greatest to grace the black and white shirt, but probably the greatest footballer to come out of the North East. We remember him fondly for his prolific goalscoring, and his unmatched charisma on the pitch. We also know that he was a highly sought after footballer who was wanted by most clubs throughout the world, and we’re lucky to have signed him. He recently opened up with Gary Lineker on BBC Match of the Day on the whole deal

In 1996 Newcastle United wasn’t the only club willing to pay a world record fee for the striker. These were the days when Newcastle was competing against the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United, and others. Keep in mind, I myself, wasn’t even born yet. Manchester United was hot on his trail, and were very eager to get Shearer in a red devils shirt.

In a house in Cheshire on the same day, Shearer said, he met with both Kevin Keegan and Sir Alex Ferguson. He met with Keegan first, and once Keegan and his crew had left, Sir Alex and his came in. (Side note: this is an unbelievably efficient way of doing talks, I’m actually quite impressed.)

It was well known that both Newcastle United and Manchester United were in a hotly contested battle for Shearer’s signature, and it turns out that Sir Alex asked Alan a simple question:

“Am I seeing you first or second?”

Upon telling Sir Alex that Keegan was seen in the morning, the Manchester United legend had said that he didn’t have a chance, then.

Of course, Shearer was impressed with Keegan and his offer, and the rest is history but boy.

MAN THOSE WERE THE DAYS! Don’t you just wish that a story like that could be had in this day and age? Where Pep Guardiola is talking to a player, but deep down in his mind he’s thinking, “I’m gonna lose this player to Newcastle”.