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The False 9s Episode 43: EPL restart tension, Newcastle’s reinvention, Bundesliga attention

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Hello everyone, I wanted to formally introduce myself! My name is Zack Pensak and I am the founder and host of The False 9s, a bi-weekly football podcast dedicated to all things English Premier League. We were recently invited to join the coveted Coming Home Newcastle family and are so excited to be here!

In this episode, my co-host Adam Goffin and I unite once again, this time under auspicious technical difficulties while recording remotely. We open the episode by covering the latest in Premier League restart talks, then dream about which player from each team in the league we would love to see an uber-wealthy Newcastle United buy this summer. A round of “Middle Names” follow, then closed out by a special Bundesliga-themed “10 in 90”. If you want your question featured on the next episode, contact us at!

As always give this episode a listen, subscribe, and reach out! We are also on Apple podcasts, so be sure to subscribe and give us 5 stars! If you hate Apple because you are not a sheep be sure to subscribe to us on Spotify! You can tweet us at @ComingHomeNUFC, or at my Twitter @ZPensak.

We look forward to talking with you. Howay the Lads!

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