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Newcastle United’s Danny Rose needs to ‘word things more carefully’

Danny Rose apparently had a talking to with manager Steve Bruce after his comments on Project Restart were reported.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Photo by John Walton/PA Images via Getty Images

Premier League players have an unprecedented amount of vocal power. What they say can ripple across countries and affect the image of the most powerful football league in the world. Just one word can generate a spiral of both positive and negative publicity. This is something Newcastle United player Danny Rose already knows. But it is also something he’s just recently been spoken to about.

Danny Rose had recently claimed Project Restart to be dangerous. There was an Instagram Live video that was shared throughout social media on the player claiming to not ‘give a **** about the nation’s morale’ and that cases had to go down drastically before the Premier League even considered reopening play.

He didn’t stop there. He labelled Project Restart a ‘f****** joke’ and continued to argue that the league was making a mistake. We share that sentiment here, but Steve Bruce did not appreciate the way that Rose had worded his statements

“He explained the measures they’re going to try and make everything safe but, yeah, obviously I’ve seen the headlines and we do as footballers and people in the public eye have a platform and maybe I could have worded what I said a bit better but I do feel exactly how you’re feeling.”

Danny Rose has donated tens of thousands of his own money to the NHS and other causes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and he isn’t too pleased with how the Premier League has handled the crisis.

Both the United Kingdom and United States continue to see a rise in cases day after day. The Premier League could very well be putting the health of these players at risk, and just one case of coronavirus will cause an uproar the league may never recover from.