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Delayed Takeover Decision Will Impact Newcastle United

Eight weeks have come and gone.... We’re still waiting

Newcastle United v Burnley FC - Premier League Photo by Lee Parker - CameraSport via Getty Images

Well here we are still, still waiting. Newcastle United supporters continue to twiddle their thumbs while waiting for a much needed decision by the Premier League regarding the takeover.

There is no doubt that “Project Restart” delayed any decision on the proposed takeover of Newcastle United, however, this is now becoming a bit of a circus. This was easily preventable, though, the silence continues with Newcastle United stuck in limbo and their supporters left in the dark.

The club continue to take season ticket money from their loyal supporters, despite games being played behind closed doors for the foreseeable future. Players contracts are winding down, with the current ownership having lost whatever interest remained in running the club. There is a good chance that this will continue to rumble on and on, the more time without a decision the more the uncertainty increases.

Sport Coronavirus - Saturday 14th March Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

Steve Bruce is in an awful position of being caught in the middle. The proposed new owners will want their own man, which is understandable, Bruce will know that should the takeover be given the green light, his days will certainly be numbered. Bruce will have to forget about all of the noise coming from the media and concentrate on the job in hand - Easier said than done, when he will more than likely be out of a job at the end of the season.

For a takeover of this magnitude to played out in public as much as this, was always going to spell danger. There has been an awful lot of pressure being applied to the Premier League, they now find themselves in a position of “Damned if we do, damned if we don’t”. The Premier League are partly to blame for that. Once a decision has been made, whichever way it may go, the Premier League have lost an awful lot of credibility. They have allowed themselves to be backed into an incredibly awkward corner, with a point of no return.

There comes a time in all of this that thoughts should turn to the club itself, how the constant delays are impacting Newcastle United. This cannot rumble on for much longer, the club are in a state of flux. The buying and selling side of this takeover have done what they have needed to, it’s time the Premier League did the same.

Premier League Chief Executive Richard Masters Media Briefing Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Premier League

Questions will be asked if the Premier League allow this uncertainty to continue into the season resumption. Newcastle United players are watching this circus play out in the media, not knowing what their futures hold. It is unsettling for the players, manager and staff. This is a complex and delicate situation which should have been handled very differently.

There is a saying, “Football without fans would be nothing”. It is those very fans that are being treated awfully by the current owner, all the while waiting, hoping and praying for takeover news that continues to hit speed bump after speed bump. Newcastle United supporters have a right to demand answers after waiting this long in the dark.

Just how much longer supporters will have to wait for news is anybody’s guess. One thing is certain, it will take a long time for the Premier League to recover from this fiasco they have helped create.