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Newcastle bidder plans to keep Steve Bruce on next season

American media mogul Henry Mauriss has been linked to a potential takeover of Newcastle United, and plans to keep Steve Bruce in charge.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Newcastle United/Newcastle United via Getty Images

I get it, there is a lot of transfer news. A lot of garbage news talking about the Saudis losing exclusivity, as well as the possibility that the Premier League plan on blocking the takeover. There is also news coming left and right about the American bidder, Henry Mauriss, who despite lacking the sort of funding the Saudis have, is generating a lot of buzz as he continues his plot to take over the Northeast outfit.

With the news coming out about Henry Mauriss, a more interesting tidbit is that he reportedly does not plan on changing managers right away, but rather keeping current manager Steve Bruce in charge for at least another season. That news is interesting as many outlets had been reporting that either an American or Saudi takeover would likely end up with a Bruce termination.

As reported by Luke Edwards of the Telegraph, that may not be the case with Henry Mauriss anymore. Steve Bruce, who has guided Newcastle United to safety appears to have done enough to prove himself to the American that he should retain his job as extra funds are put into the first team squad.

Of course, at this moment, this is all conjecture. The only bid being reviewed by the Premier League at this time is the Saudi bid headed by Amanda Staveley. Henry Mauriss has not yet reached this stage and may never do so as takeover talks with Mike Ashley can be ever so fickle.

Bryan’s Take

I think the news itself is interesting that Steve Bruce may have impressed a potential owner that he’s “capable” of leading Newcastle United into a new era. But other than that, I do hope that if this were the case, Bruce would merely be a placeholder until a more capable manager were to present themselves as available to the club. We already know a multitude of managers far more skilled than Bruce that would easily jump at the opportunity to lead this project, and they all instill more confidence than Bruce ever could.

And when talking about instilling confidence, the idea that any potential owner would rather keep Bruce than immediately look at better options is concerning. As I said, I hope it is only a placeholder plan, but it definitely does not make me confident in Henry Mauriss’s decision making. I cannot imagine Newcastle fans being enthralled by that being Mauriss’s first call, either.

In terms of even talking about a Henry Mauriss takeover, I’d really like to see what comes of the Saudi takeover before considering the Mauriss takeover as a serious possibility. As mentioned earlier, the Saudi deal is the only one that has made it to the Premier League’s review desk, Mauriss isn’t even close yet (as far as we are aware). So let’s continue to focus on the current deal that is causing so much noise before moving on to a deal that would still have to jump through a few hoops before reaching the stage that Staveley and company are at.