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OFFICIAL: Newcastle Unveil 2020/21 Home Kits

Newcastle ditch the thick stripes everyone hated for the thinner stripes people liked and folks are still upset

Newcastle announce their 2020- 2021 home kit
Newcastle United Football Club

Newcastle have unveiled their 2020-2021 home strip via their social channels today, and it has been met with mixed reviews so far.

Newcastle have returned to the thinner stripes fans clamored for after seeing this season’s thick stripes, in what seems to be a fairly ordinary and unambitious kit.

Of course it is difficult to really change much regarding the Newcastle kit on a yearly basis when the defining feature of the kit is the famous black and white stripes. Deviating from that norm will only upset the fan base, as Puma learned last season.

The latest edition of the kit will be paired with classic black shorts, black socks that feature a gradient, and will feature the original club crest as opposed to the altered crests we have seen from Puma the last two seasons. The back of the kit features the same vertical stripes as the front, leading many to believe that Newcastle will once again roll with the red numbers. Some fans, myself included, thought this kit would have been a nice kit to return to the black back panel/white number combo that was prevalent in the Fabricio Coloccini era of Newcastle’s time in the Premier League. Nonetheless, the kit is a clean simple look that should not be too offensive to anyone.

This kit announcement immediately follows a night where two potential kit leaks made their ways around social media. The first leak of the evening was a kit mockup that featured multiple stripe widths and was an ambitious take on the kit to say the least. This was shot down by some journalists who had reportedly seen the actual home kit already.

The second kit leak was an actual picture of the replica version, and was confirmed by a few journalists before its announcement today.

The kit prices have upset many fans, as the kit starts off at £64.99 for the adult home replica kit. Fans have complained that this is too expensive, but it is worth noting that most of the clubs who have announced pricing or 2020-2021 kits have similar pricing.

Both Everton and Chelsea are rolling with a £65 price tag, while Manchester City has released their kits for £70. It’s likely Tottenham’s home kit for next season will release at £70, as their 2019/2020 kits released at that price.

It is worth noting that Newcastle’s kit will come with free printing for a limited time where fan’s can choose a name and number that will be printed on the jersey.

Regardless of how fans feel initially about the kits, Newcastle fans will likely still buy the kits en masse. Newcastle for some time now, have consistently been among the leaders in kit sales for the Premier League. Even last year’s kit which was absolutely roasted by fans online, began the year as a top 10 selling kit in all of England.

This news follows the announcement earlier this week that Newcastle United and Chinese betting company FUN88 have reached new long-term commercial agreement.

The length of the deal is unknown, but what is known is that FUN88 will be the main kit and training gear sponsor for Newcastle for the foreseeable future.

Some fans were speculating as to rather the FUN88 announcement meant the end of the takeover, but it is worth noting that no time frame of the deal was announced, and the Chronicle confirmed this agreement was likely made earlier in the year

The more immediate concern regarding the sponsorship deal is the ongoing debate among government officials in the UK over potential restrictions to online gambling, specifically companies that are not based in the UK. Such restrictions could result in a ban on outside gambling companies like FUN88 being able to be involved with football gambling, or outside gambling companies pulling out of deals with clubs because the allocating resources to advertise to the UK market might not make sense.

Currently 10 clubs have Gambling football sponsors, and Richard Masters earlier in the year stated he had no plans to remove gambling sponsors from Premier League football.