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Newcastle United’s summer transfers will be limited with Ashley still in charge

If Newcastle United continues without a takeover, transfers will be limited.

Newcastle United Training Session Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

It wasn’t meant to be this way. Newcastle United was supposed have been taken over by now, with transfer plans being made for the summer that would see the club set its sights on higher finishes and never looking back. Instead, Mike Ashley remains the owner of Newcastle United, and despite the club making some big signings over the past year, this summer will be different.

It isn’t that Mike Ashley wasn’t going to let the club use what it had, it was reported that the club would have had around 60 million pounds to spend this summer, not including what player sales would bring. But that has been nearly slashed in half to where Lee Charnley and Steve Bruce will have to identify targets well below the range that they were previously looking at. It isn’t looking good for Newcastle, and Steve Bruce will surely be put to the test when he must deal with a subpar group of players next season.

This makes contracts more important, such as the one with Matty Longstaff. Matty is not going to cost the club 30m pounds to sign, just 25k a week. The club is also going to have to look at cheaper options compared to the more expensive ones they were reportedly looking at.

Steve Bruce remains confident about the summer transfer window, however, and states that despite the takeover, the club will move swiftly on making deals. I kind of laughed at that because Newcastle United has NEVER moved quickly on a deal under Ashley.

There is now less than seven weeks until the new season starts, and the club will find itself not only with less time to make deals, but less money, and even less confidence. The club are not in a winning position at the moment, and freakily enough, it is not Ashley’s fault. The financial position Newcastle faces is a similar one many clubs face, and if Mike Ashley is not willing to attempt to supplement the loss of transfer funds for Newcastle, we’ll be in for a rough ride.