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Newcastle United’s Miguel Almiron will destroy next season

After finally coming into his own for Newcastle United the midfielder will be looking to get even better next season.

Newcastle United v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

When Newcastle United first signed Miguel Almiron I remember watching his first match. Me and others from the CHN squad were in Denver, and standing next to Warren Barton we watched a shot hit the crossbar. It was Miguel Almiron’s first shot for Newcastle United, a cheeky ship shot, and he missed.

Everyone in the pub screamed, of course with much frustration, but also with hope. “This guy will find the net soon enough,” we all thought. But he never did. That season, Miguel Almiron struggled to find goals and assists, and while he proceeded to make an impact, he was not the prolific producer we knew and loved from Atlanta. That crossbar hit seemed to affect Almiron more than we as fans could possibly fathom. The confidence of a player who just months earlier was on top of the world, relegated to a struggling Premier League midfielder who can’t find the back of the net.

When Rafa Benitez left, I had serious doubts about Almiron being able to thrive under a new manager, especially one that was not as experienced or talented as Benitez. My doubts only increased with the appointment of Steve Bruce as manager. However, all I can say is that Almiron did exactly what we had all hoped he would this season: improve, adapt, and succeed.

Almiron has ended this season as the club’s top goal scorer, despite that not being difficult to achieve with Joelinton failing at every opportunity to score a goal. With eight goals scored this campaign, there is reason to believe that Miguel Almiron will be coming back next season extremely confident that he can make it in the Premier League.

I believe that next season, Miguel Almiron will not only cross the 10-goal mark, but he’ll make it to 15. The synergy between him and Allan Saint-Maximin will only grow, and Almiron’s more offensive abilities will begin to take shape even more as well. Steve Bruce, under the current transfer circumstances, may need to rely on many of the same players next season, and the roles of many may have to change to adapt to an even more competitive Premier League next season. Almiron will be huge piece to solving that puzzle.

However Steve Bruce decides to use him, Miguel Almiron has proven himself a formidable midfielder in the Premier League, and has certainly become the player we had all hoped he would be. I hope the Premier League is prepared.