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Opinion: I’m over the Newcastle United takeover already and you should be, too

I’m used to the disappointment, and just want to watch my club play.

Sport Coronavirus - Saturday 14th March Photo by Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

The takeover is dead and is unlikely to be successfully revived (though I’ve been wrong before). After months of speculation and positive news coming from journalists, no one expected the turn that the takeover was going to take, but I would bet every Newcastle United fan had in the back of their minds the inkling that this was never going to happen and was too good to be true.

Mike Ashley has never commented on a takeover bid except when he previously criticized Amanda Staveley’s initial bid to purchase the club, but now even his camp is coming out against the Premier League, and are even stating that they’re committed to sale with the PiF and Staveley’s investors. The Reuben Brothers are also reported to still be committed to being a part of a sale.

I get it. We all want to believe that they’ll be back, better than ever, and that this will all be over with a happy conclusion for Newcastle United and her fans. I retain that hope and that desire, but at the same time, I’m over it.

I am not interested to reading about what could have been, how disappointed you are, how mad you are at the Premier League, or what sort of conspiracy theories you created in your mind. The story, while not completely black and white (see what I did there?) seems to point the fingers at PiF for not doing what was expected of them to complete the sale, and the Premier League for taking forever to actually make a decision, one that could have pushed PiF in the right direction. It came down to piracy, and each party is at fault for how it was handled.

In fact, I’m over the whole thing already, and am ready to watch Newcastle United next season and continue to cheer on the guys as they play in the Premier League. I am not going to influence the Premier League to change their mind, nor am I going to convince Saudi Arabia to get their piracy under control. I am but one person, and even as a collective fanbase, we’re attempting to go to war with powers that do not care what we think.

So no, I’m not signing your petition, because the government was fully aware of the takeover and left it at the discretion of the Premier League. You know what that means? The Premier League could have ripped up the documents, and the government wouldn’t have cared. So the petition won’t do anything.

I’m also not going to be giving up on Newcastle United, but rather doubling down. I understand if this failed takeover has you feeling some sort of way, but angry shouldn’t be it. And I also know that I’m not going to change your mind, and you’re going to continue feeling however it is you’re feeling. What I write doesn’t matter here but let me ask you a question.

Where is Sunderland? Now where is Newcastle?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up in the glory days of Newcastle United and all I truly remember is Mike Ashley’s era. But just like in life, I know it could always be worse. I could always be worse off than I truly am, yet I am blessed in life to have what I have.

I won’t stop supporting the club, whether they’re in the Premier League or joining Sunderland in League One. I think I’ll continue living life the way have.