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WATCH: Eddie Howe’s First Training Session at Newcastle

The new manager brought a level of intensity to his training that we have not seen at Newcastle in some time.

New Head Coach Eddie Howe Takes Charge of Newcastle United Training
A manager running... in training?? What??
Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Eddie Howe took over his first training session today as the new Head Coach of Newcastle United. Fans were already buzzing with excitement when it was revealed that he and members of his staff turned up at 6:55 a.m. in the morning to begin preparations for training.

The club has released footage from his first training and right away you can tell things are already different. Howe’s teams are known to press a lot, so fitness was the priority in day1 as the players started their day off with a pacer test, aka “the bleep test”. Howe then was an active participant in a training session on the practice fields that looked like it prioritized movement without the ball on offense.

The biggest takeaway from today’s event is not related to the training in all honesty. The biggest takeaway is that footage of the training exists. Under the new ownership group, it seems as if they are trying to give the fans a lot of access to the club and are going out of their way to keep fans informed as well as involved. This is the latest of 3 training videos we have gotten since the takeover of the club was successfully completed. Videos of a training session are commonplace in football, and it is telling that this is the first time Newcastle has really done a video like this in some time. It feels like under Ashley this was never the case as his reign at Newcastle seemed to be about trying his hardest to distance himself from the club. It is a welcome surprise to have owners who are prioritizing a relationship with the club.