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Newcastle United announce partnership with Monster Energy

No need for crimson cattle around Tyneside

Newcastle United announced on Tuesday the signing of a new partnership with California brand Monster Energy to become the club’s “official energy drink partner” in an undisclosed “multi-year deal.”

Monster Energy, part of the Monster Beverage Corporation, was created in April 2002 and by 2019 it had already conquered 35% of the energy drink market—second only to Red Bull. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the conglomerate, and the beverage brand is getting linked to Newcastle in which can be considered a sweet moment in time for both entities.

Newcastle speak highly of the brand in their website, saying that “Monster Energy is one of the world’s most popular energy drink brands,” adding that “[it] has well-established partnerships across sports, events, and gaming.“ Now, Newcastle becomes part of the family and the other way around, too.

Whatever it means, the club statement says that Monster will enjoy “a digital presence at St James’ Park throughout the season.”

Speaking about this newly-inked partnership, Newcastle’s COO Peter Silverstone shared some words with the media:

“Newcastle United is on an exciting and ambitious journey to grow our global reach and fanbase.”

“On this journey, we are eager to align with partners that share our global growth ambitions.”

“Monster Energy is a brand that continues to enhance its global presence in the sporting world, and we are delighted to build this partnership and grow in new markets together.”

Silverstone was joined by Monster Energy Senior VP Jimmy Goodrich, who added:

“We’re excited to begin our new partnership with Newcastle United.”

“Monster Energy is looking forward to building its relationship with the club and its incredible fanbase both in the UK and abroad over the coming years.”

This relationship comes at a moment in which Saudia also has started to pop up on the stadium at field level featuring in the ad boards across the pitch. It is expected that Saudia becomes a much larger sponsor of the club going forward given the obvious links between Newcastle and Saudi Arabia after last year’s takeover.

With FUN88, the club’s main jersey sponsor, expected to finalize their deal with Newcastle amicably by the end of this season, Saudia will most probably take over the chest of the jerseys donned by the Magpies players starting next season.