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Not all history is bad... and I’m here to tell you why

Because Newcastle United existed before last October’s takeover

Leicester City v Newcastle United FC 1994 Photo by Mark Leech/Getty Images

Let’s start off by introducing myself. My name is Stephen Brandt and I’m an American. That alone would make most people run for the hills in the sport. However, if you have been following or watching football in the last fifteen years chances are you have read some of my work online. Chances are you have read a tweet of mine and shook your head. I’m not everyone’s cup of coffee. If you're a real fanatic, odds are you have bought my first book about Boca Juniors.

Now, I’m here. To pull the curtain back this is all Ryan Sealock’s fault. I’ve tried for a decade to get him back into writing and tried to get him a spot here. Ryan wrote/edited the Chicago Fire blog here, and is a massive Newcastle fan in Chicago. Massive as level of fandom, not girth. So when I write something you all don’t like, remember, #blamesealock. I always do.

What am I here to do? Well, Newcastle is a big club, and the total lack of history on the club over SB Nation alarmed me. I am not a match reporter or opinion writer. My opinions do not reflect Stephen Brandt’s management. I’m the manager. So you are seeing where we are going. Also, I do have to point out, that I’m a Liverpool fan since 2005—again American—and my homeland teams all stink, so I glory-hunted. I’m also writing my third book on Crystal Palace. #thirdbookcrazytime

History has been there before it became awesome to be a fan of this newly overtaken NUFC, and way before more people start claiming to be Newcastle fans since they were born. Or before it was suddenly not cool to be a Chelsea, Arsenal, or Manchester City fan. I want to get the background of the club into words here. Of course, it won’t cover everything. The great thing about Newcastle is people have written some really good stuff out there for us to read. Most written accounts are better than I can write. Shut it, Sealock. There might be a rhyme or reason to the pieces, and there might not. But one do thing I know: this is going to be a hell of a ride, folks.

I do want to hear from you all, and about what you want me to talk about. What to discuss. Where to dig deeper. Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comment section below and see you around next time!