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Eyes and ears will be on Newcastle United supporters against Liverpool

Don’t feed the Controversy Vultures; just celebrate this the game

Newcastle United v Watford - Premier League Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Newcastle United host Liverpool today at St. James Park, with unique eyes on the club. For one, United has a chance to play spoilers in one of the most down to the wire, exciting endings to a Premier League season of all time. The Magpies play Liverpool and Man City on back-to-back weekends. If Newcastle takes any points out of either game, it could be the deciding factor on who wins the league, so the world will be watching Newcastle heavily for the next eight days.

With so many eyes on the club, NUFC supporters have an opportunity to show what they are all about. In recent weeks, a number of Hillsborough mocking chants have occurred from opposition fans against Liverpool. Some Manchester City supporters disrupted the moment of silence in their match against Liverpool.

The height of this came from Manchester United supporters during their 4-0 to Liverpool. Fans in the Manchester section started signing “The Sun was right, you’re murders” placing the death of those that passed on a fatal night in Hillsborough on Liverpool supporters, as The Sun reported. Anyone that knows that story knows that The Sun was in the wrong and has lost all credibility since, but of course, when the opposite fanbase is down, some will stoop to these low levels to get a rise out of Liverpool supporters.

Outlets like The Busby Babe have come out and criticized those fans—and for a good reason—and hopefully, no Newcastle outlets will have to do the same.

This is not something that Newcastle United supporters should ever do. There was already a section of NUFC fans that chanted “feed the scousers” towards Liverpool fans at Anfield in December, and hopefully, with the outrage from NUFC supporters against those fans, combined with this mocking becoming a more public topic, nothing like this will occur at the upcoming game.

However, it all relies on the NUFC supporters. With the passion that this club and its fans have, with the excitement going around the club, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be a positive, loud, passionate ground come lunchtime.

Football is more than the game that is being played on the pitch for 90 minutes, and United fans have an opportunity to show their compassion and empathy, choosing to chant about Fabian Schär as he’s just inked a near two-year deal or Joelinton, or they could elect to sing about Bruno Guimaraes for the entire 90, which nobody would be upset about.