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LEAKED: Controversial Newcastle United 2022-23 Away Kit

Is there a little something going on here? have been able to obtain a picture of the remaining kit to be leaked from those making Newcastle’s 2022-23 wardrobe, the away piece of garment. You can see the full thing below. Let’s say it is...

...interesting at the very least. The kit introduces a completely new color scheme to Newcastle’s uniform books. The white and green combination was unheard of after now. No conspiring here, but the kit resembles a certain type of manufactured sports gear pertaining to one specific country. Not naming names, just showing pictures.

China v Saudi Arabia - FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images
Japan v Saudi Arabia - FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifier Final Round - Group B Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

You be the judge.

Not an ugly kit in appearance, but definitely one worth thinking about beyond the looks of it. Here’s hoping this is not the start of something way murkier taking place around NUFC in the months and years to come.

No information about the actual launch of the kits has popped up yet, though they should be coming around late June or early July.