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Newcastle United’s 2022/23 full kit wardrobe leaked

New pics of the upcoming NUFC threads emerge

Oh, boy, you bet that’s a classy jersey for a classy club full of classy lads.

Just a few days ago we were able to report on the leak (via of the three new kits Newcastle will be wearing next season, including the home, third, and goalkeeper versions of the threads, as well as a very controversial away kit bathed in the colors of Saudi Arabia’s international kit.

Those were good early looks at the new kits, but thanks to the Twitter account @Retro_NUFC we have gotten a much better preview of the three kits pending an official release—whether that’s just a news piece or an actual in-store release with the jersey available for purchase prior to the preseason.

Newcastle and Castore re-up for another season with the home kit following the classic Magpies design of black and white stripes for the 2022/23 campaign while moving on from the buttoned collar and using a single-rounded one for next year—white once more, with a thin black line along its path. There is also a change in terms of the number of stripes, ditching the three-band design worn in 2021/22 and favoring the classic thinner-line design that Newcastle has been wearing since its inception.

These newly leaked pics don’t include any sort of sponsor on the kit, though there will be one yet to be unveiled as reports talk about the Premier League banning gambling sponsors from appearing on team jerseys, and it’s also been leaked that the new Saudi Arabian owners have ended the deal with FUN88, which won’t feature on the front of the shirt anymore.

There has been no word about which brand will be adorning Newcastle’s kit chest next season, though obvious ties to Saudi Arabia mean that the owners have explored the possibility of featuring Saudia (formerly Saudi Arabian Airlines) on the front of the jerseys as a nod to their home country.

Of course, the controversial away kit—white with green highlights—is featured in this final and very legit leak, pretty much confirming its presence in Newcastle’s upcoming kit rotation.

Here at Coming Home Newcastle, we have been able to create a virtual design including the Saudia sponsorship on the home kit to give Newcastle fans an idea of how it might look when printed on the jersey’s front. We have manufactured two versions, with and without a white back panel.

We will keep updating you on any official statements and news releases coming from the club regarding new sponsorship deals and the availability of the 2022/23 jerseys when those are announced.