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Coming Home Index of Power - Premier League Match Day 18

Innuendo... and other Queen references!

Queen Rock Group Photo by Stone /Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Welcome to our weekly CHIP update after Match Day 18! If you are not up to date with the Comin Home Index of Power or need an introduction to it before going ahead with this week’s update, you can always check our introduction by following this link. Other than that, here’s our most-recent update after the last slate of games took place!

CHIP Special Edition! The match or season so far for each team using a Queen song title...

Arsenal - Gimme The Prize

Newcastle - Don’t Stop Me Now

Man City - We Are The Champions (in case you forgot)

Man United - I Want It All

Brentford - Another One Bites The Dust (beaten Man U, Man City, Liverpool)

Liverpool - Under Pressure

Tottenham - The Great Pretender

Fulham - Staying Power

Brighton - Brighton Rock (of course)

Chelsea - My Melancholy Blues (of course)

Aston Villa - I Want To Break Free (from the relegation fight)

Crystal Palace - Headlong (out of control with two red cards)

Leeds - Stone Cold Crazy

Nottingham Forest - You Don’t Fool Me

Everton - I’m Going Slightly Mad (lose at home to Wolves... then tie City away?)

Bournemouth - Keep Yourself Alive

Leicester - Sheer Heart Attack (you are 17th on the CHIP)

Southampton - Save Me

West Ham - (Is Moyes just waiting for the) Hammer to Fall (of course)

Wolverhampton - If You Can’t Beat Them (tied for the fewest wins AND the most losses)

Add your suggestions in the comments section below!

Here are the full CHIP ranks through MD18.