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Coming Home Index of Power - Premier League Match Day 22

Everton’s “Sean Dyche” Bounce

Everton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

Welcome to our weekly CHIP update after Match Day 22! If you are not up to date with the Comin Home Index of Power or need an introduction to it before going ahead with this week’s update, you can always check our introduction by following this link. Other than that, here’s our most-recent update after the last slate of games took place!

The appointment of Sean Dyche turned the Toffee players into supermen for a week as they were able to leap the English Premier League leaders in a single bound. The victory certainly provided ample hope to Everton fans that they could avoid relegation and the win, as the largest power display of the week, moved Everton back up to the “peloton” of clubs referenced in last week’s report. In fact, it was enough to move them out of the bottom three in the CHIP.

Tottenham had the second most powerful display by defeating Man City in London. The win is their second very-strong result in as many weeks and serves as one of the best two-week power results for any club this season. They are still out of the top four on the CHIP just as they are on the EPL table but they now can claim some wins against top-10 sides which they did not have in the first half of the season.

Even though West Ham’s tie with Newcastle was better for the Hammers because they were the underdog and on the road, they remain in 18th place on the CHIP standings.

Wins by Wolves and Foxes as well as the aforementioned Everton victory meant that all three had similar or better power results. Bournemouth’s defeat at Brighton slipped them below the Hammers. All of these squads are grouped together on the CHIP with there being a small break before coming to Nottingham and Leeds further up.

Newcastle are now the squad with the fewest losses on the season. The lack of losses elevates their position on the CHIP. If they can begin to find that deciding goal in games and turn the trend of tying into a trend of winning instead, their EPL position can come to match their CHIP ranking.

Here are the full CHIP ranks through MD22.