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Newcastle United record by Alternative Kit

Blue-and-Gold is Golden!

Let’s take a look at how Newcastle United have fared while donning kits not featuring their classic black and white stripes.

There have been 10 matches this season when an alternative kit has been worn. The results seem clear.

Blue on Gold: 5 wins, 0 draws, 0 losses
Other Alternatives: 0 wins, 5 draws, 0 losses

What about actual goalscoring and prevention?

Blue on Gold: 14 goals for, 5 goals against
Other Alternatives: 2 goals for, 2 against

Not a balanced fight, folks. Let’s break things down a bit more, on a team-by-team basis.


This is the only EPL match Newcastle wore their light blue kit that features the Toon skyline in a darker shade. The shorts were standard black.

Score 0:0


The second alternative kit worn on match day was their stated third kit of white on green.

Score 1:1


First appearance of the blue on gold. Fulham self-destructed with a red card in the 8th minute. Newcastle scored four before a late concession.

Score 1:4

Manchester United

Green-on-white returns in the best match this kit has seen. Ronaldo had two times that the ball was in the net ruled out as no goals. Joelinton hit the woodwork twice and Wilson had a penalty shout.

Score 0:0


Our blue and gold-attired heroes bossed the Spurs rather convincingly despite a second-half goal from Kane and holding on at the end.

Score 1:2


The lads, wearing blue and gold, thrashed the worst team in the league. Again up by four before giving up a late concession.

Score 1:4

Crystal Palace

Post Boxing Day, the lads went on an eight-match stretch that included only one win. The fourth match in that stretch had Newcastle visiting Selhurst Park wearing white on green. It was 15 matches unbeaten and a 6th consecutive clean sheet but also displayed a toothless offense in this affair.

Score 0:0


Two Match Days after CP, Newcastle again wore white on green. You already know from above it ended in a draw.

Score 1:1

Nottingham Forest

Newcastle donned their blue on gold for their visit to City Ground. Forest had not lost at home since September. Isak scored in the extra time for both halves.

Score 1:2


Again blue on gold for a visit to a club that does not lose much at home. Newcastle’s win is only Brentford’s second loss at home all season with Arsenal being the other.

Score 1:2


White on green, tie the other team.

Blue on gold, the opponent is rolled.

Howay the Lads!