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Coming Home Index of Power - Premier League Match Day 33

News flash: De Bruyne and Haaland are class

Manchester City v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Lexy Ilsley - Manchester City/Manchester City FC via Getty Images

Welcome to our weekly CHIP update after Match Day 33! If you are not up to date with the Comin Home Index of Power or need an introduction to it before going ahead with this week’s update, you can always check our introduction by following this link. Other than that, here’s our most recent update after the last slate of games took place!

Manchester City claimed the most power points by defeating the first-place team in the English Premier League.

This round of matches may also go down as the time when the title was effectively claimed but the CHIP is not quite there yet just as the EPL table still slots Arsenal above City.

The two games in hand are the possible determining factor in both cases. With only a three percentage point deficit to overcome on the CHIP, if Manchester City win their make-up matches against West Ham and Brighton, they will undoubtedly move ahead of the Gunners on the CHIP just as they will on the EPL table even if the Gunner’s won every match remaining on their schedule.

Manchester United was almost there with the second-best power display leading Tottenham in London but they were poorly organized and the match ended in a tie, thus dropping their power earned on the CHIP into third place for this round of games.

Brentford’s win at Stamford Bridge continued the season-long humiliation of Chelsea and earned the Bees the second-best power pull.

At the other end of the table, Southampton continues to be unhinged from the rest of the league.

Leeds, Everton, Forest, and Leicester are huddled as a group over the final two trap doors. The matches of this weekend should give a couple of the teams a slight advantage going into the home stretch of the season.

Here are the full CHIP ranks through MD33.