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PSG’s Neymar and Newcastle, linked once more

Will the Brazil international land in Newcastle once and for all next summer?

Paris Saint-Germain v Lille OSC - Ligue 1 Uber Eats Photo by Antonio Borga/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

Newcastle United are almost a Champions League club, folks.

That, of course, is only the cherry on top of the Saudi-backed board of Newcastle when it comes to their big-time thinking and big-picture ideas, as the lads from the Middle East have been big-time cooking their plans for a few months since their arrival, only now having a solid future ahead of them upon which to build.

The Magpies project is taking more and more shape with each passing transfer window, and they have seemingly targeted a Paris Saint-Germain player to bolster their roster, one that has already been linked to NUFC in the past. With a top-4 finish nearly guaranteed, that makes sense as Newcastle will start to aim for the (literal and figurative) stars.

Champions League football is now on the very-close horizon, and our nouveau richer organization based in Newcastle upon Tyne is starting to plan ahead, seemingly putting PSG’s forward and Brazil international Neymar Jr, who could Paris this summer, on their transfer radar.

Newcastle want to sign players who can really make a difference and raise the image of the club both on and off the pitch, which is something the Brazilian winger would definitely help the Magpies with while plying his trade in the Premier League and in venues across the Old Continent with rights to host Champions League games next campaign.

According to information from Relevo, Newcastle have already asked PSG about Neymar, “calling the footballer’s entourage,” after discovering the player is “unhappy in Paris after the treatment received by the fans” and that Neymar is “seriously considering a change of scenery in the summer.”

Neymar’s salary demands, the main obstacle

Nevertheless, the Neymar-Newcastle marriage is not advanced at all at this point and the agreement might turn into a complicated one to finalize if only on a purely financial level, mainly due to the wages reportedly demanded by the Brazilian.

Of course, the most feasible destination for Neymar, especially due to the questions about his price and salary, is the Premier League. That doesn’t mean Newcastle will necessarily have the means or true willingness to pull off such a transfer.

It is no longer breaking news that PSG intends to sell Neymar. However, Newcastle could ultimately be an unlikely destination if only because of the huge investment it’d take NUFC and their PIF owners to make it happen, and the implications it might have in future Financial Fair Play issues and accounting.

The priority for the Parisian team is to put together a team that is barely (or not at all) dependent on the Brazilian and his availability, which has been a problem for the South American in the second halves of seasons for many years now. Considering the player’s contract runs until June 2027, though, the most probable path forward for PSG is to just relegate Neymar to a secondary role and go from there.

However, Neymar still considers himself a top-tier player at the peak of his talents and right in the prime of his career.

Neymar will want to play as many games and minutes as possible in a prominent role, and if PSG cannot guarantee him that position then he might opt to force an exit making it a possibility that can’t be ruled out before the start of next season.

Will Newcastle be the place where Neymar sets camp next?