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Isaac back Liege

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Newcastle United Training Session Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Newcastle United terminated the loan agreement of midfielder Isaac Hayden with Belgian Pro League club Standard Liege a few days ago. The club exercised its recall option in the second week of January, with Hayden likely to depart from Newcastle upon his return, according to sources close to NUFC’s manager Eddie Howe.

Standard Liege, in a statement dated January 11, acknowledged Newcastle’s decision to activate the recall clause.

Then, on Wednesday, Jan. 17, The Athletic revealed the reasons for such a move by both Newcastle and the loaned-out player.

Hayden, 28, who joined Standard Liege on loan in September for the season, has alleged financial misconduct by the Belgian club. In a recent interview with Belgian journalist Sacha Tavolieri, per The Athletic, Hayden claimed, “The main reason why I left Standard Liege is that the club does not pay salaries on time and does not pay them.”

Hayden has announced his plans to initiate legal action to recover unpaid wages. “I will now initiate legal proceedings against the club to obtain the wages that Standard Liege owes me,” he stated.

A representative for Standard Liege responded to the player’s statements, as echoed on The Athletic’s report, saying, “It would be misleading to claim that the reasons for Isaac’s departure were purely financial, but we wish him well with his future career.”

It’s worth noting Liege was acquired by 777 Partners in March 2022, the owners of Everton (no need to say anything else...), and the club has not provided further comments on the financial allegations presented by Hayden.

During his tenure at Standard Liege, Hayden appeared in 11 matches. Before this move away from Newcastle on loan, Hayden spent the 2022-23 season on loan at Norwich City in the Championship and Howe has expressed his expectation for Hayden to seek another loan opportunity after he returns to the club this month and before the transfer window closes on Feb. 1.