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Joelinton gone for good? Newcastle facing decision on Brazilian’s future

Could Joelinton’s wobbly health and hefty wage demands see him off Newcastle?

Newcastle United Training Session Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Newcastle United midfielder Joelinton could be leaving town next summer following a contract dispute, with indications that he may have already played his last game for Newcastle according to Craig Hope of the Daily Mail.

The Brazilian player’s contract, which runs for another 18 months, was initially signed in 2019 following his transfer from Hoffenheim (£40 million) when he was acquired to play as the Magpies' forward and leading man upfront.

The current impasse is centered around Joelinton’s wage demands, which reportedly exceed what Newcastle’s management is prepared to offer, potentially making him the club’s top earner. No need to mention Eddie Howe and the rest of the NUFC board is against such demand, which could bring an end to Joelinton’s career with the club if the conversations don’t advance soon.

According to Hope, if no agreement is reached before summer, the club could be compelled to sell Joelinton in the next transfer window to avoid the risk of him leaving as a free agent at the end of the next season, in July 2025.

Perhaps the only thing that could help Newcastle while making Joelinton come to his senses is his current thigh injury, one he sustained during Newcastle’s 3–0 victory over Sunderland on January 6 and that could force him to miss the remainder of the season.

Initially expected to be sidelined for around six weeks, further explorations have raised concerns that Joelinton may require surgery, potentially extending his recovery period to four months and thus missing the rest of the year. While the player is seemingly opposed to going under the knife, that’s the recommendation made by medical experts if he wants to prevent recurring issues.

All of that, of course, might force him to simply lower his demands amid the possibility of suffering setbacks in the future that could definitely impact his impact in the game, assuming he can stay healthy at all going forward.

Joelinton’s contributions to Newcastle this season have been as good as ever as he’s kept growing in the midfield role Howe crafted for him. Joelinton has made 23 appearances this campaign scoring three goals and providing four assists to his teammates.

There’s no arguing Joelinton is one of the key players of this New Newcastle, but he’s also one with substantial value and most probably more than a few suitors in the transfer market, so even if he lowers his wage demands it might make sense for Newcastle to get something in return by selling now that he’s at the peak of his value rather than waiting and losing money down the road if more injuries pop up in the future after re-signing him, diminishing his sale value.