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Jim has been writing for Coming Home Newcastle since September, 2011. Frequently more amusing to himself than to the public, he keeps churning along regardless. The man who brought you "The Benign Ponytail" and "Failure Clown". Co-host and producer of Coming Home Newcastle's official podcast Coming Home Podcastle.

The Football League is watching...

The Football League will be taking a close look at Mike Ashley's relationship with Rangers. We may have some closer focus on exactly where those looks will be cast.

Bouncing back would Feel So Good, but is it best?

There were evident problems that took Newcastle United down to the Championship. If the lessons are not learned, there isn't much point in springing right back.

When Penfold speaks, people bahahaha I can't

The club are just awful sorry. Really.

Potential Energy and You: A Newcastle United Story

Newcastle United is that huge granite weight from your elementary school worksheets demonstrating potential energy.

Don't make me hope again!

Craig Hope, who has seemed to have the pulse of most things Rafael Benitez, has a new tidbit that is giving the Toon Army hope.

A lament regarding space-time and NUFC

One of the sad realities of supporting Newcastle United is that nothing can be decided in a timely manner. Relegation and Rafa are the most recent examples.

Someone had to make a highlight video of NUFC/AVFC

An intern died to bring you this video. Probably. Don't let them die in vain. Watch it.

It really will take a miracle now.

Aston Villa. Aston freaking Villa. Worst team in the league, and we couldn't solve them.

Newcastle v. Aston Villa #Bantz thread

Aston Villa has lost 11 matches in a row. Newcastle United need to make it an even dozen.

We can't let this happen again.

The events of 24 May 2009 have stuck in our heads for many reasons. The purest form of revenge is not there to be had, but Aston Villa could well take us down. Again.