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The Toon Crier

CHN Links: Perch Abused on Twitter, Pardew Relives 2-0, and Cisse's Pre-match Meal

CHN Friday Links: News and Commentary from Around Toon

It may be a little late, but today's Links post is here! On Europe, Liverpool, Captain Colo and JAMES PERCH!

CHN Links: Coloccini Injury Fallout, Formation Analysis, and the Road to Europe

CHN Wednesday Links: I Feel Happy Edition

Wednesday news links for Newcastle United- now with 100% more happy! Check in and see what's going on around the Toon.

CHN Monday Links: Outdated Imperialist Dogma Edition

A lovely weekend for the Toon finds them level on points with Chelsea, 5 behind Tottenham and 8 ahead of Liverpool. Let's read some news to celebrate!

CHN Friday Links: A Present For jonhjmurphy17 Edition

A very short effort of links today. Check them out.

CHN Thursday Links, In Which I Try To Be Clever

A massive set of links on this fabulous Thursday. Read on Newcastle going Dutch, Abeid, stories that say nothing, Newcastle United WFC and more!

CHN Wednesday Links: The Race For Fitness Edition

Wednesday cometh, and two more Toon stars are expressing their intent to get back from injury trouble before the end of the season. Also, Nile Ranger gets yet another warning from the club about his career.

CHN Tuesday Links: Lost Cause Is Lost Edition

Tuesday morning comes and goes, but ever-present in the pantheon of the internet will be the CHN Links. Vuckic, Perch, Marveaux, Ranger... news and commentary here!

CHN Monday Links: "How to Recognize Different Types of Trees from Quite a Long Way Away" Edition

New week starting... let's read some news!

CHN Thursday Links: The Shining Edition

After a slight hiatus, they're back! The Links!

CHN Monday Morning Links: Charging The Arsenal Edition

Weekend is over... time to get focused. Monday links!

CHN Friday Links: It's Fun To Sail The Accountan-cy Edition

It's Friday! No match tomorrow... or the next day... but there's news today!

CHN Links: "Wilkins, This Shilling: Is it Net or Gross?"

Newcastle United Wednesday Links: There Is No Cheese In This Shop Edition

Wednesday starts the weekend! News links to get your day rolling!

Newcastle United Tuesday Morning Links: It Was A Run By Fruiting Edition

Tuesday Morning News! Featuring: Mr. Vuckic, Streete, Ben Arfa, Simpson, Ba, Lovenkrands and more.

Newcastle United Monday Morning Links: I'm Not Dead Yet Edition

Thankfully, the derby is over. Let's digest the major stories and move on.

Newcastle United Friday Links: Run-By Edition

Very quick set of links this morning.

Newcastle United Wednesday Links: T-Minus 4 Days Edition

News. Derby Week. Mmm.

Newcastle United Tuesday Links: This Week Will Last Forever Edition

It's Tuesday. Read some news!

Newcastle United Monday Morning Links: Need More Coffee Edition

It's Monday.... let's have the news of the weekend. Newcastle United drop points, Pards praises Ashley, John and I have an argument!

Newcastle United Thursday Links: Thursday Edition

It's another morning, which means more links! Vertonghen, Ferguson, Jonas, Abeid and Parliament feature!

Newcastle United Wednesday Links: Hey Look Kids, There's Big Ben, There's Parliament Edition

All stories must have a beginning. Wednesday's story starts with the links!

Newcastle United Tuesday Links: (Insert wit here) Edition

What is the news around the Toon? Let's check out some of the highlights.

Newcastle United Monday Links: Sponsored by The Society for Putting Things On Top of Other Things

It's Monday! New Links! St. James' Park Forever, Danny Guthrie and Other Teams Can't Keep Demba's Name Out of Their Mouths.

Newcastle United Friday Links: "We find that 9 out of 10 blog readers can't tell the difference between Whizzo Butter and The Links"

It's Friday, and that means News! The CHN voyage starts with a handful of links to start the weekend!

Newcastle United Wednesday/Thursday Combo Links: Pretzel Filled With Cheesey Substance Edition

Yay yay yay! Newcastle United News and links!!

Newcastle United Tuesday Morning Links: I Like To Sing-ah Edition

Day Two of the Long Long Wait For Redemption. Let's read some news!

Newcastle United Monday Morning Links: "Sometimes you get the bar, sometimes tha bar gets you" Edition

Another trip to London, another capitulation. Let's start the healing process with some news!

Newcastle United Thursday Links: Not Much Cake Edition

New day, new links! Contract status meetings, injury updates, and #AlanPardewLovesTheToon

Newcastle United Wednesday Links: The Newcastle Chronicles Edition

Internet works! Post links!

Newcastle United Monday Links: We're Not Going Away Edition

Double Demba delivered vs. Villa. Let's get caught up on the early week news!