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Just For Fun

Not really news, probably lols, but maybe not.

Adam takes to the press box for the first time

Like Chris Parry's Milwaukee experience, I split my time between fan and credentialed journalist. Both sides were very entertaining yet very different.

Finally seeing NUFC in person and it was great

CHN contributor Chris Parry went to Miller Park to watch Newcastle vs. Club Atlas and it was a great trip.

10 Misters NUFC ruled out when hiring Mr. Muscle

Reports are that Newcastle (though unconfirmed still) are hiring a man called Mr. Muscle to try to stem the long tide of muscle problems at St. James' Park. These 10 misters were ruled out along the way. Probably.

Adam reflects on his first Newcastle away match

Adam's first away match was at the Emirates Stadium on December 13, 2014. The match day antics were reason alone to head back!

Why would he go there? Lying in the bed you make

Navigating the transfer window as a Newcastle United supporter is tough. Comedienne/reality TV host Mo'nique could have made things so much easier if only the club had listened to her wisdom years back.

Howay In the USA!

Adam's travels this past season led him to other Toon Army groups across the USA. Here is his account of the great times he had with Newcastle fans across the nation.

Our life is in his hands, man

On the heels of a snub by erstwhile coaching target Steve McClaren, I shall be adjusting my attitude about our club.

Preseason Destination: The Northeast

If there is a region that is as densely populated with clubs (MLS and not) as Seattle, it is probably New York and the Northeast. Here is the case for the Northeast to host Newcastle's preseason tour.

Newcastle preseason tour needs to include Texas

There are so many reasons for Newcastle United to make the Lone Star state its home base this summer for a preseason tour.

Preseason Destination: Upper Midwest

Adam states the case for why Newcastle's potential summer tour should be based in the Midwest

Preseason Destination: Pacific Northwest

With reports that Newcastle United might be returning to the US for their 2015 preseason tour, we are going to take turns trying to convince you that our region is the right region for such a tour.

A Proclamation On The Eve Of The Derby

You probably need to print this out and frame it as it's a Proclamation. This very important document just emphasizes how important a Derby victory would be.

Remembering better times: Tyne-Wear Derby

In spite of the recent run of results, we can still try to be positive ahead of Sunday's installment of the Tyne-Wear Derby.

Reasons to Play: Why NUFC Should Beat Man United

Newcastle United seem to have been lacking motivation on the pitch lately. We at Coming Home Newcastle have decided to put together a piece enumerating reasons they should want to beat Manchester United.

Motivating The Lads: Reasons to Beat Aston Villa

Newcastle United seem to have been lacking motivation on the pitch lately. We at Coming Home Newcastle have decided to put together a piece enumerating reasons they should want to beat Aston Villa.

A Fairytale of NewCastle

Combining Newcastle United and a masterpiece of a bittersweet Christmas song in the form of Fairytale of New York? It only seems logical.

Featured Fanshot

Let's play "What did Mike Ashley tell Lee Charnley?"

"Want to go to Fuddruckers?"

Let's talk about this Michael Owen tweet

The transfer window isn't going well for Newcastle, so let's talk about this Michael Owen gem.

Alan Pardew's Totally Honist Match Report

It was another disappointing day at the office for Newcastle United. Fortunately, we've managed to get Alan Pardew to give a post-match assessment of the match against Crystal Palace.

Alan Pardew wants you to smile (VINE)

Television cameras caught Alan Pardew giving some sage advice.

#CHNEFL: A new fantasy game

In which we thumb our nose at convention.

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CHN Fantasy 2014-15

Everything Still Sucks, But Let's Laugh

We have conceded 10 goals in our last three matches. Lost both derbies 3-0 and just shipped 4 to Spurs. But you know what they say... always look on the bright side of life.

Introducing Transfer Headline Bingo

Sometimes the transfer window is not so fun. Here's a way to make it silly instead.

PODCAST: Coming Home Podcastle Episode 23

We've returned from the international break with a vengeance. I think that's a good thing. We cover Newcastle internationals, too-early transfer rumors - have a compelling Pop Tart Talk and perhaps expose some sour grapes.

The Alan Pardew Project: Updated artwork

From time to time (ok, twice now), I make an album cover for the Alan Pardew regime. It was time for a new one.

Call for Questions: Keep Your Enemies Closer

In one format or another, we'll be jumping back into the collaborative blog experience that is Keep Your Enemies Closer. In order to do this, we need a body of questions from you, our readers, for the representative from Cartilage Free Captain.

Featured Fanshot

The Battle For Newcastle


It's the International Break, so we're having fun with a movie review.

Coming Home Podcastle Episode 17

A good podcast on the heels of a good performance against Leeds United! Plus 60 minutes of one looong pop culture reference! It's here for your ears!

Transfer Deadline Day Pastimes!

Our newest installment of Transfer Deadline Day Pastimes celebrates the current squad and situation at Newcastle United. Good Morning from Georgia!

Transfer Deadline Day Pastimes!

It's Transfer Deadline Day and you can be depressed that nothing will happen for Newcastle United, or you can have fun. I choose the latter!